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April 30, 2021

Quinnipiac to offer new “green” degree programs


Interested in a career protecting the planet? Quinnipiac University is offering three new degree programs aimed at those who want to help the environment.

Starting this fall, the university’s College of Arts and Sciences will offer a bachelor of science in environmental science, a bachelor of arts in sustainability and environmental policy, and a bachelor of arts (co-major) in environmental studies.

Each program will offer learning opportunities for students in the field, both in the United States and abroad.

Mary Paddock, a professor and executive director of the university’s Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies, said the three major tracks are part of a broader environmental studies program at Quinnipiac.

“The design of these three interdisciplinary majors addresses the need to bring deeper, informed understanding to what is unquestionably one of the most critical issues of our day, one that touches the life of every person, in every walk of life,” Paddock said in an announcement.

Students pursuing the BS degree in environmental science will study humans’ impact on the environment. The program will prepare students for a range of environment-focused careers, such as studying the health risks associated with pollution for a government agency. 

The BA in sustainability and environmental policy degree program covers sustainability, environmental science, and environmental policy, and how they are interconnected. Students involved in this program might pursue work as a sustainability consultant or environmental policy analyst, for example. 

The BA (co-major) in environmental studies is designed to be completed alongside another major, for students who want to pursue a double degree. Students will learn to address the impacts of climate change, pollution, waste disposal and other environmental issues.  According to Quinnipiac, pursuing this course of study can help qualify students for key environmental positions, such as with government environmental agencies, nonprofits, corporations and research organizations.

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