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Telaid 2022 Family Business Second Place in 200+ Full Time Employees

Industry: Technology integration Year Founded: 1981 Founder: Tom Patsiga Website:
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Telaid is a full-service technology partner for large enterprises.

Tell us a bit about your recent accomplishments.

In 2021, we opened a brand new, state-of-the-art 72,000-square-foot Technology Solution Center. This new facility allows us to expand our capabilities. We also completed a multiyear objective to digitize our operation. The results have been improvements in on-time field service visits, streamlined request management and improved customer communication.

How has your company shifted its strategy during the pandemic?

Telaid offered critical support and uninterrupted service to retailers who served their communities throughout the pandemic. We immediately shifted office staff to remote work and implemented protocols to minimize risk to workers in the field. Telaid was on the front lines, serving our customers so they could serve theirs.  

What are your family values and how do they contribute to your business success?

The way Telaid achieves value for our customers is deeply rooted in the founding family’s values that put people first. We act with integrity and are committed to building relationships with people. Our 40-year legacy is built on treating our employees well so they can serve our customers well.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

Telaid continues to pursue aggressive growth targets, projecting another 15% growth over the next five years. We plan to further automate our own operation using the technologies we deliver to our customers. We will invest in our amazing people, offering them exciting careers with growth opportunities.

How do you plan to keep your business going even after your current top executive retires?

It was only recently that our founder and his brother retired, passing the business on to Scott and Chris. We hope to enjoy Chris and Scott’s leadership for decades to come, but we also invest in our top executives, grooming them in case of an unexpected absence of key leaders.

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