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Wildine Felix

Employer: Yale New Haven Health
Title: Lead Respiratory Therapist; Acute Care, Adult/Pediatrics Department
Winner Category: Healthcare Staff
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Wildine Felix has worked as a lead respiratory therapist for Yale New Haven Health for the past 19 years in the Acute Care, Adult/Pediatrics Department. She is pursuing a master’s of science in health informatics at the University of Southern New Hampshire.

Q: Why is she a HealthCare Hero?

Healthcare professionals go the extra mile and take care of patients through thick and thin, from the time they enter the hospital through discharge and follow-up. Healthcare professionals work tirelessly to save lives and heal others. It’s an entirely selfless act.

Felix has selflessly cared for her patients and for her colleagues. She is a dedicated worker. Regardless of the day or hour, be it a holiday or an everyday shift, she has committed herself to showing up for her patients and her healthcare team.

Q: How has COVID-19 changed the way you do your job?

As a respiratory therapist on the frontlines of this pandemic, our days are long - 12 hour shifts - where the nature of the pandemic has posed many challenges. COVID-19 has changed the way in which I delegate roles and responsibility across different hospital contexts given that there were high demands for respiratory care prior to the pandemic.

My ability to recognize an individual’s clinical strengths has significantly contributed to the success of the team, but this would not be possible without our dedicated members. I am grateful to serve Yale and participate in the Respiratory Care Team.

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