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Women in Business 2021: Christine Cappiello, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut

Christine Cappiello Employer: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut Title: Senior Director, Government Relations See all Women in Business 2021 honorees
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Christine Cappiello leads government relations for Connecticut’s largest health insurance provider, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. She drives the company’s work to make healthcare more affordable, and plays an important role in reinforcing the value and choices that a well-regulated, competitive healthcare industry provides for people in Connecticut.

What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment so far?

During my tenure with the company, I have had the opportunity to be a part of several historic milestones, such as the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. My mission is to leverage my position to collaborate on initiatives that offer people in Connecticut more choices when it comes to their healthcare, particularly more affordable options.

What’s the next big goal you want to accomplish professionally?

There’s a lot of opposition when it comes to how healthcare should be paid for and delivered. A professional goal of mine is to illustrate how there is more alignment than we realize and there are opportunities to work together to reach the common goal of simplifying healthcare for people.

What’s one of the biggest professional challenges you’ve overcome?

Healthcare is personal and what that means in my work is that it elicits very heated debates. There are times when that conflict feels real for me and hits home – at the end of the day, I am also a consumer of healthcare. That being said, we’re lucky to be in the insurance capital of the world, where we have such great talent thinking about the future of our health.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic forced you to adapt as a leader?

My job is very personal. It’s about making connections. Finding a new way to do that and still have those meaningful connections is a challenge, but it’s been eye-opening to see how quickly we’ve adapted and discovered new ways of working.

Who has been your most important mentor and why?

I had the pleasure of working for Former State Senator Billy Ciotto, who was a lifelong public servant before running for office. He taught me that every person you meet is carrying something around, and we’re all similar in that way, and what that means is that it’s important to always treat people with kindness and dignity.

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