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Yvonne Alston, Top 25 Women in Business 2022 Honoree

Yvonne Alston
Employer: Indelible Impressions Consulting
Title: CEO & Founder Click here to meet our 2022 Women in Business honorees
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Yvonne Alston is an unapologetically authentic amplifier and advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

She established Indelible Impressions Consulting to advance important conversations, education and training to help organizations understand the importance of culture and its impact on the human experience.

Her firm and team focus on centering the employee experience, amplifying personal and professional value, and inspiring hearts and minds as they challenge systems of inequity, champion dimensions of diversity, and drive inclusive practices holistically.

Q: What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment is learning how to use my education, lived experience and voice to help others become truly visible, perhaps for the very first time. We often think being seen is an action based on the visual experience. However, being truly visible means others see each part of us.

Q: What’s the next big goal you want to accomplish professionally?

To help larger communities desire to experience one another in their lived communities, at work and at play. To help larger groups realize the richness and benefits of diverse experiences and to make intentional decisions to continuously expose their lives to one another.

Q: What’s one of the biggest professional challenges you’ve overcome?

Being told who I am and what I’m capable of by people who never knew me well enough to make such judgments. Limitations were projected onto me because they didn’t allow all of me to be present. Now that I’m 100% visible, the freedom and success has been tremendous.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic forced you to adapt as a leader?

The pandemic has brought out the best (and sometimes worst) of people. Listening without judgment but with radical curiosity has allowed me to lean in more to my work – even amid uncertainty and discomfort. I’m a better leader and leadership coach for it.

Q: What legacy do you want to leave after your career is over?

I want to leave a legacy of care, lovingkindness and greater understanding as the epicenter of the human experience – regardless of any single or multiple dimensions of diversity or difference.

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