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2021 Connecticut Family Business Honorees

Family Businesses Survive Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has put strain on all Connecticut families, as they manage the stress of financial, social and mental and physical health hardships.

But family businesses in particular have faced unique challenges over the past year as they have not only fought to keep their loved ones healthy, but also stay in business.

As we now approach the tail end of the pandemic, those family businesses that have been able to survive the unprecedented challenges of the last year are deserving of recognition.

And that’s the purpose of Hartford Business Journal’s 2021 Connecticut Family Business Awards, which highlight some of the best and most recognizable family-owned companies in the state.

This year’s class of winners was handpicked by Hartford Business Journal’s staff.

Our honorees include a car dealer, auto body shop, manufacturers and an aerospace supplier, among others.

In the pages that follow, we highlight our top winners, including what sets them apart from the competition, how they stay ahead in the marketplace and how they remain true to their founding principles in a modern world.

For these companies, the key to long-term success is treating everyone like family, including employees and customers.

Less than 25 Full-Time Employees

25-75 Full Time Employees

76 - 199 Full-Time Employees

200+ Full Time Employees

Community Service Award

Rising Star Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • LATICRETE International, Inc.
    LATICRETE International, Inc.
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  • Dr. Giri Agrawal, R&D Dynamics Corporation
    Dr. Giri Agrawal, R&D Dynamics Corporation
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  • Robert LeConche Jr. and Debra LeConche Pandolfe, Tinny Corporation DBA Shelco Filters Division
    Robert LeConche Jr. and Debra LeConche Pandolfe, Tinny Corporation DBA Shelco Filters Division
    Brother Sister Duo
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