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Healthcare Leadership Forum Session One: Covid 19 & Connecticut’s Health Care Leaders: The View from Ground Zero

COVID-19 has upended our nation, with a massive effect on Connecticut.

How has the health system responded and adapted to the crisis?

What have we learned from the pandemic and what innovations have resulted from COVID-19 that will impact the industry long term?

What must employees do to prepare for when the economy begins to reopen to ensure their workers are and remain safe and healthy?

What best practices can employees adapt and deploy so that we can all get back to business?

The Hartford Business Journal and New Haven Biz will convene acknowledged experts to address these questions over two, one-hour sessions in early May. 

Healthcare Leadership Forum: Session One

Covid 19 & Connecticut’s Health Care Leaders: The View from Ground Zero

For Connecticut's hospitals and health systems the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis represent the greatest test of systems, processes and mission in more than a generation, and perhaps ever. 

Aside from providing front line treatment efficiently and effectively to tens of thousand of patients, Connecticut's health care systems are large institutions that are best-in-class nationally and worldwide when it comes to organizing and delivering care. 

What have our state's best providers learned from the COVID-19 crisis? How have they coped with the virulent and fast pace of the pandemic? What do they see in the near future regarding the evolving nature of the illness, and what does the end game look like?

HBJ and NHB will bring together a panel of hospital CEO's to share first-hand insights and experiences. Join us to find out what these seasoned leaders have learned and what they have to say about where we are, and where we are going as the pandemic continues to evolve and unfold. 

Topics to be discussed.

  • The challenges hospitals have faced and confronted with the pandemic

  • How the pandemic has affected and shaped PPE and PPE supply chains

  • How the pandemic has affected and shape innovation

  • How COVID-19 might shape health care delivery in the future

Click here to view the webinar of session one on demand.


Session One Panelists

  • Dr. Reginald Eadie
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Trinity Health Of New England
  • Marna Borgstrom
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Yale New Haven Health System
  • Jeffrey Flaks
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Hartford HealthCare

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