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April 21, 2022

ADNET Technologies

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Rocky Hill, CT Headquarters: 400 Capital Blvd., Suite 101, Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Albany, NY Office: 3 Winners Circle, Suite 302, Albany, NY 12205
Phone: (860) 409-1700
Product or Service: Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity Services
No. of Employees: 70
Head of Company: Christopher J. Luise,Chief Executive Officer
Year Founded: 1991
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How ADNET Technologies Has Driven Innovation in IT Services for 30 years

ADNET Technologies, the Connecticut-based, managed IT, cloud and cybersecurity services provider, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year — a remarkable accomplishment in an industry known for rapid change. Think about 30 years ago: Apple released the Macintosh Classic II, Microsoft launched Windows 3.1, and Christopher Luise and Edward Laprade co-founded ADNET in Laprade’s basement.

Fast-forward 30 years — and while technology looks very different, ADNET has established itself as an industry-leader known for its people-first approach to meeting its clients’ technology needs.

Luise and Laprade have developed a talent-driven organization that is constantly in motion, evolving with the pace of technology and helping clients across industries consistently achieve their business goals. The firm has grown substantially in recent years, earning recognition as one of the top global MSPs and one of the best places to work in both Connecticut and New York’s Capital Region.


With age comes perspective, and it’s now clear what has helped ADNET stay relevant, build a collaborative culture and accelerate its clients’ digital transformations.

It’s the firm’s commitment to serving as a strategic partner that clients can rely on, according to Erin Peterson, ADNET’s General Manager for Connecticut.

“Being strategic partners for our clients allows us to align technology with their business,” Peterson said. “It has enabled us to stay relevant with technology and shows clients that we’re looking to move their businesses ahead and use technology to aid in that.”


“What separates our firm from others is that we truly put people first,” Peterson said. “The flexibility that we all have had, especially over the past two years, has been invaluable to many of our team members.”

It’s a work environment built on the trust ADNET has in its workforce.

“Our team members have earned the flexibility to work wherever they’re at their best, whether that’s our collaborative workplaces or a location of their choosing,” Luise said. “This work-from-anywhere policy combines with our unlimited responsible time off (RTO) program to help our team achieve balance while meeting clients’ needs.”

The firm prioritizes wellbeing, opportunity and professional development, providing a work experience where employees are empowered, continuously learning and constantly growing.

Beyond flexibility, ADNET’s culture encourages the entire team to understand their expertise and talents are the critical drivers of the business. Built into the firm’s ethos is that every team member has value to add and by sharing their experiences, it helps everyone, from clients to colleagues, grow and succeed.


Right before ADNET turned 30, the firm forged a new strategic partnership that will fuel future growth. It joined New Charter Technologies’ national network of independently operated IT service providers — a collaborative platform that will accelerate ADNET’s expansion and talent development through greater access to capital and resources.

“Working together, we’ll deliver expanded capabilities regionally and build a movement nationally to transform the IT services industry with our people-first mentality,” Luise said.

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