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March 29, 2023

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by design

Change is hard. Life is complicated. Just hearing the term DE&I (or any version – IDEA, DEIB, EDI, JEDI, DEIA, etc.) may make you nervous. We get that. Talk of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, for some, can bring up feelings of being blamed, shame, anxiety, anger or other feelings. Wherever you are on this journey just know—we see you—and we are here to help.

Since our inception, we have worked to demystify the DE&I journey. And yes, it is a journey to build a more inclusive world.

Leading Culture Solutions (LCS) is a boutique consulting firm, focused on small and mid-sized growth companies in the for- and not-for-profit sectors. LCS helps to put organizations on an intentional path toward inclusion. We equip leaders with the skills to create environments where people feel heard and diverse-by-design teams bring innovation and creativity to groups allowing them to flourish. Our services include Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Culture Transformation with a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens.

Our Vision is to create a future for humanity where every person thrives everywhere. At LCS, we believe that you can serve your colleagues, clients and contribute to the community if you live our three guiding principles of having: Diverse Perspectives, Collaborative Decision-Making and Shared Authority.

Our 4A Agile Strategic Planning Framework© ensures that the voices of your intended audiences are included to help build a map toward your desired new future. Gone are the days of elaborate multi page strategic plans, printed on reams of paper that collect dust on a shelf or become irrelevant five minutes after they are created. We facilitate a highly collaborative, (and dare we say FUN) session where the goal is alignment on the future path forward.

Beginning a 4L Journey to Inclusion© will help you take the steps you desire to make meaningful and sustainable change within your organization or group. This framework follows a methodology designed to bring as many voices into decision-making as possible to ensure you achieve your desired goals and outcomes. 

Our methodologies and frameworks help companies overcome their most challenging issues. We partner with leaders and organizations to help them create environments where people do more than survive – they thrive. Places where people feel included, and diverse by design teams bring innovation and creativity to companies that flourish.

We do this work because we know it has the potential to create change in our broader community and world. The world is a scary place, and this work helps us see and appreciate the humanity of everyone.