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Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC

Front row, from left: Christopher Mattei, Jeff Wisner, Carey Reilly, Joel Lichtenstein, Doug Morabito. Back row, from left: Bill Bloss, Kathleen Nastri, Craig Smith, Josh Koskoff, Alinor Sterling, David Bernard, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Preston Tisdale, Antonio Ponvert.

Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder PC has been described by The Hartford Courant as “reputedly the best plaintiff’s law firm in the state.” The firm has secured historic victories in court on behalf of people who have suffered catastrophic injuries involving medical malpractice and other civil litigation matters.

Some of the firm’s most recent battles include:

• Successfully holding a gun manufacturer accountable for the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

• A $1 billion verdict — the largest defamation verdict in U.S. history — against Alex Jones of Infowars, who claimed the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

• Fighting on behalf of dozens of women who were given saline in place of fentanyl during painful fertility treatments at a prestigious Connecticut hospital.

• A nearly $10 million settlement for the neglect and abuse of a psychiatrically impaired patient at a state mental institution.

• A case against Harvard University for allegedly seizing and profiting from historic photographs of slaves in America.

But results are only part of the story. Clients want attorneys who will listen to their story and take on their cause with passion and dedication. And regardless of a case’s prominence, attorneys at Koskoff take the same approach and bring the same commitment. They understand that every client is unique, and deserving of effective legal representation and a result that brings them some sense of closure.

At Koskoff, clients are embraced with open arms and provided the support, understanding and legal guidance they need in a time of personal crisis.

“It’s all about our clients,” said Josh Koskoff, the third-generation Koskoff who leads the firm today. “Clients want a successful firm, but they also want to know that we care.”

Indeed, founded in 1936 by Theodore “Ted” Koskoff, the firm’s roots are embedded in a commitment to helping people navigate the most challenging periods of their lives. Almost 90 years later, the firm’s attorneys are proud to carry on that tradition, whether they are taking on gun manufacturers and conspiracy theorists in the wake of mass shootings or prestigious medical facilities causing harm to their patients.

The firm’s willingness to tackle high-profile legal challenges has earned it national accolades. Founder Ted Koskoff, who died in 1989, was among the first attorneys inducted into the American Association of Justice Hall of Fame. His son, Michael Koskoff, was inducted posthumously in 2023.

“My grandfather thrived on taking cases that others felt were unwinnable or too difficult,” said Josh Koskoff. “Both my dad and grandfather believed in using the legal system to do good things for people who needed you.”

Key to the firm’s success is its team approach. Koskoff attorneys limit the number of cases they take, allowing them to dedicate time and energy to developing strategies tailored to the unique aspects of each individual case.

“Every lawyer at Koskoff believes in our clients, their cases and their causes,” said partner Carey Reilly. “This is not just a job to us.”