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April 23, 2024

Make the Most of Your Health Benefits: Four Questions Employers Should Ask Their Health Plan

Dear Connecticut Business Community,

Employee productivity is directly tied to the health of your workforce. Here are four critical questions you should ask your health plan to maximize your health benefits and improve health, satisfaction, and productivity among employees.

#1: How are you controlling our healthcare dollars?

Your health plan is an integral partner in managing your healthcare costs. Here’s how:

  • Network/benefit design can optimize costs through value-based care arrangements, network discounts, high-performance care provider networks, centers of excellence, and benefits tailored to your population’s health.
  • Clinical programs may lower overall costs through population health management, care management of at-risk members, medical and pharmacy integration, and integrated physical and behavioral healthcare.
  • Advanced data and analytics reports and fraud prevention can help mitigate costs and show you how your healthcare dollars are being spent.
  • Members’ engagement with their benefits can be improved through personalized resources, digital tools, health advocacy, navigation support, and wellness programs.
  • Pharmacy benefit managers can help improve health outcomes using evidence-based clinical programs and effective pharmacy network design.

At Anthem, we offer all of these resources and more. We are focusing our efforts on expanding value-based care delivery and payment methodologies that focus on quality and outcomes instead of volume, and encouraging greater adoption of digital tools that expand access to care and provide members a more simplified and personalized healthcare experience. Combined, these factors have a significant effect on improving health, lowering costs, and encouraging members to take a more active role in their health.

#2: How can we support our employees’ behavioral health?

Many health plans offer both in-person and virtual behavioral healthcare options and encourage members to choose in-network care providers for the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Here is where having access to a comprehensive network with a variety of care options is crucial because treatment that works well for one employee may not work as well for another. At Anthem, we have been working to bring new care providers into our network, including virtual, at-home, outpatient, and residential behavioral health providers to provide more options for care, particularly for specific illnesses or disorders.

#3: Do you offer a mobile app or digital tools?

Ask your health plan which tools and capabilities it offers to help your employees proactively manage their health. Tools such as remote patient monitoring and telehealth services can help manage chronic conditions, identify gaps in care, and deliver more convenient and cost-effective care. For example, Anthem’s mobile app, Sydney Health, includes a member’s benefits, health records, and care options in one place. Members can, for example, connect with a mental healthcare professional, access a symptom checker, click to chat live about what’s going on with their child’s illness, or track their nutrition intake all via one app.

#4: How do we get our employees to take an interest in their healthcare?

Keeping your employees engaged in their overall health means a happier, stronger, and more productive workforce. Simplifying the experience for employees and offering member engagement programs and effective digital tools are key to encouraging them to access preventive care. For example, some members may want the convenience of a virtual plan to access care on their own time. Anthem offers Anthem Link Virtual First plans that integrate a digital health platform and virtual care options to give consumers the tools and functionality to be more actively involved in their health. Your health plan is your partner in promoting better health while helping to manage your healthcare dollars and keep care affordable. With nearly 90 years of local experience here in Connecticut and the resources of our national parent company, our team at Anthem can talk with you about how we can support you and your employees through our programs and more.

In good health,

Lou Gianquinto, President,

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut