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Sponsored by: Mintz + Hoke
April 21, 2022

Mintz + Hoke

Address: 40 Tower Lane; Avon, CT 06001
Phone: (860) 679-9735
Fax: (860) 679-9850
Product or Service: Advertising Agency
No. of Employees: 45
Head of Company: Ron Perine, Managing Principal and CEO
Year Founded: 1971
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Creativity Beyond Comfort Zones

Longevity in the advertising industry takes imagination, creativity and the ability to adapt and partner with clients to evolve. For Mintz + Hoke, an advertising agency based in Avon, that has meant supporting customers through the enormous societal shifts since 1971, while maintaining its core values.

“In our 50 years in business, the landscape of advertising and marketing has changed so much. We have grown by adapting to each trend and honoring the needs of each client,” says CEO Ron Perine. “But it is what we have not changed that has driven our success. We made it through and grew by being true to our roots. We once called it street smarts. We now call it Immersively Different. It is this consumer-focused approach that has enabled us to grow.”

That approach involves becoming deeply immersed in the lives of clients’ customers and making those customers the heroes of every brand story Mintz + Hoke tells. Being Immersively Different is how Mintz + Hoke continually provides value to clients.

“We look to truly understand what motivates a targeted audience before we can deliver work that truly motivates,” Perine explains. “It’s a process that goes well beyond standard research and customary data digs. It’s about being scrappy, nimble, proactive, and curious. What it’s not about is us. In fact, it’s not about the client either. It’s about the customer and getting into their heads to change how they think.”

Along the way, the award-winning, full-service agency delivers tools like brand architectures, message matrices, and actionable strategies that are as imaginative as they are effective. The agency offers an array of creative, research, strategy, design, digital, media, public relations, analytics and brand activation capabilities.

“When we focus on understanding unmet, often unforeseen customer needs, then we can design campaigns to build relationships and tap into loyalty much earlier in the consumer journey,” Perine says.

The biggest challenge and opportunity for the agency, as well as the industry overall, is to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB).

“Our people are the most valuable asset we have,” Perine says. “We have had the good fortune of having strong women leadership at Mintz + Hoke, and with DEIB initiatives in mind, we will continue to become more diverse.”

Another passion is Connecticut Creative Academy, a soon-to-open nonprofit school that aims to recruit people of all ages who have the desire but perhaps not the finances to pursue a career in the industry. “We’re working on finalizing the nonprofit’s logistics and plan to roll the program out later this year,” Perine says.

He also recently partnered with FAVARH, an agency that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live independently, hiring an office assistant whom Perine says is the company’s “best hire to date.” In addition, the company provides pro bono agency support to Middletown Pride, including advertising, PR and social media for PRIDEFEST 2022 and the Middletown Pride march.

“This multifaceted experience has helped us elevate the brands we have had the good fortune to support over our 50-year heritage,” Perine says. “We are in the idea business. Few things are black and white. Embracing creativity means stepping outside of our comfort zones to explore those blurry edges. When we can do that, everything is more exciting.”