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April 1, 2024

Olsen Construction Services announces leadership transition

Nick Olsen is taking over leadership of the construction management firm his father founded at a time of rapid growth for the company and announced other leadership changes with the promotions of two key employees.

Olsen Construction Services, of Berlin, has grown its revenue by 300% over the past four years, he said, and has been on a recent hiring spree. Olsen credits the firm’s success to its hands-on approach, embrace of modern technology and commitment to the client.

“Our level of service isn’t going to change because of our growth,” said Olsen, who recently became company president. “We’re are growing as a company, but it’s controlled growth – we’re not biting off more than we can chew. All the executives at (Olsen) remain hands-on and run projects; it’s how we remain competitive.”

The firm was founded in 2000 by Olsen’s father, Robert Olsen, on the principle that high-quality construction management services should be reasonably priced and executed in a timely, professional manner. It has grown to 27 employees since then.

In 2019, the senior Olsen was looking to step back after a long career and have someone else take over leadership. Nick Olsen, who had worked for the firm years earlier, decided to return.

“I knew my father wanted to (retire) and didn’t really have anybody here who could fill his very, very big shoes,” Olsen said. “I’m not saying I fill them – there is no chance I ever will – but I came back, and we made some personnel changes around here, cleaned some things up, and it has proven to work.”

Olsen said he has been able to hire “people who are better than me at what they do,” giving him time to focus on strategic growth.

Key hiring decisions have contributed to the firm’s recent success, he said. They include adding Executive Vice President Frank Maruca, an industry veteran and skillful communicator who ensures projects are successful.

Maruca started with the firm in 2021 as a project manager and has risen quickly through the ranks since then. “Nick has put a lot of trust in me,” he said.

The company has a diverse clientele that includes commercial office, academic, residential, medical, and critical infrastructure such as data centers. Customers range from Fortune 100 firms to local health care providers.

Olsen recently opened an office in Hingham, Massachusetts, to serve the Greater Boston market and eastern Massachusetts.

That diversity has made it possible for Olsen Construction Services to continue growing despite the post-pandemic employment shift toward remote office work.

“We’ve only seen growth since COVID,” Olsen said. “A lot of our competitors who deal with office space and high-rise buildings with a lot of square footage, they’ve probably seen a slowdown, whereas we’ve really only seen an increase.”

One contributor to Olsen’s recent growth has been its embrace of technology, Olsen and Maruca said.

“We’re expanding how we operate with clients internally with technology,” Olsen said. “Whether it’s how we track projects, (our use of) artificial intelligence, or how we’re now using drone footage … it’s all to service the clients better.”

Another boon to the firm has been another local construction firm’s recent challenges, which have led to an influx of new employees whom Olsen described as “real rock stars.” Project Executive Brett Carenzo was the first to join Olsen, and more followed.

“We’re really had a hot streak in hiring,” he said. “Everybody who works for us … they’re treated like family. We like to see people do very well, both professionally and personally.”

A key company initiative, started by Olsen’s father, is its commitment to giving back to the community. It supports causes including the V Foundation for Cancer Research, Junior Achievement of Southwest New England, Special Olympics of Connecticut and Connecticut Humane Society.

"As long as we are in business, we will continue to give back"; Olsen said. "Most of my true joy is found not through running a business but having a business that can help better the lives of others."