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Sponsored by: Red Thread
April 21, 2022

Red Thread

Address: 55 Hartland St., East Hartford, CT 06108
Phone: (860) 528-9981
Fax: (617) 439-4131
Product or Service: Furniture,architectural walls, technology and floor
No. of Employees: 400+
President: Larry Levine
Year Founded: 1933    
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Hybrid Workplace Inspiration

Red Thread thoughtfully designs interior solutions that integrate furniture, technology and architectural products into dynamic work environments. “We collaborate with organizations and their architects to create inspiring spaces that provide great work experiences enabling employees to work better,” says President Larry Levine. Red Thread is Steelcase’s New England dealer, a global leader in research, products, and applications to support today’s shifting workplace strategies. Together, with their partners, Red Thread creates high performing spaces for corporate, education and healthcare clients. Levine recently answered questions about his company and trends in office space.

Q: What workplace trends do you see in our market?

Larry Levine: Today, every business leader is interested in understanding the future of work. How and where we’ll work? What is “hybrid work”? What is the future role of the office? These are big questions. Most companies only recently began asking employees to return to offices, so it’s too early to identify true trends. I can share some common approaches that are guiding new hybrid planning concepts. We’re finding most human resource managers believe it’s better to provide some structure and not leave flexibility open ended. This helps people know when others will be in the office, so they can plan to connect and collaborate accordingly. The new reality is people and organizations are becoming more agile, so the spaces they work in need to be designed with greater flexibility, allowing these spaces to morph and change quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Q: What does hybrid mean to you?

LL: Hybrid work isn’t one size fits all. It’s an agile process that adapts to the evolving aspirations and needs of an organization and its employees. Red Thread is designing and building its own new office at 55 Hartland Street in East Hartford. We’ll transition to a hybrid work model, with people having flexibility to work in the office and remotely. A great hybrid workplace provides spaces people don’t have at home—places to collaborate, concentrate privately, socialize and learn from mentors. Hybrid is all about balance, giving employees choices in how and where they work. 

Q: Where do you start?

LL: The best workplaces reflect the voices of employees, as well as leadership. Our employees participated in a series of surveys, workshops and collaborative sessions that inspired our new space design. During earlystage planning, there were several factors we considered, such as building a work experience that supports our employees’ wellbeing and work/life balance and implementing spatial strategies that support our business and cultural objectives. We’ve thought deeply about how we spend our time, where we do our best work, and how we create meaningful work experiences. In our new office, employees won’t own an individual workspace, they’ll have ownership of the entire space.

Q: How do you help customers?

LL: Our team partners with customers and their architects. We take them through a workplace transformation discovery and assessment process. The process will vary based on where they are in their hybrid journey. The insights gained inform a hybrid workspace design tailored to each customer’s specific company needs and goals.