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April 25, 2022

SBA Winner: Untapped Potential Inc.

Untapped Potential Inc.
Business Services
Top Executive: Candace Freedenberg, Founder
Headquarters: Hartford
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Category Winner: Woman-owned Small Business of the Year

Q&A talks to Untapped Potential Inc. Founder Candace Freedenberg. The organization offers services that help women return to work after caregiving, including networking and mentoring. Untapped Potential also hosts events, such as return-to-work client/candidate speed interviews, matching market-ready talent to workplace demands for a placement fee.

How did you get into this business? What motivated you?

Do you know a smart mom focused on family, yet un-engaged in the workplace? Motivated by the potential of such ‘idle talent,’ I valued caregiving yet sought to untap this group’s potential in a flexible way. Bias and barriers of a fixed workplace sidelined this group beyond their caregiving years.

Describe your target customer.

Our model targets companies and candidates. Companies include business clients from entrepreneurs to corporate leaders who benefit from top talent and Untapped Potential Inc.’s unique onboarding model. Candidates include educated and experienced professionals needing flexibility now or transitional support to return to their caliber following caregiving (mothers returning to work).

Looking into the future five years, where do you see your business?

Our goal is to grow our platform to serve communities nationwide.

What has been your biggest accomplishment? Is there anything that you would change or do differently?

I get the most satisfaction out of returning women to their high-caliber professions via this new mode. We receive appreciation from each individual candidate. It is a validation that entrenched traditions in the workplace can be overcome.

Can you tell us a little bit about the culture of your business?

We commit to a bold goal of equity in the workplace. We value the difference our candidates made as caregivers and the difference each can make in business. Our team's motto: ‘Everything is figure-outable.’