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August 19, 2021

William Moschella, 2012 40 Under Forty Winner


Year Won: 2012

Current Age: 45

Current Title: Managing Director

Current Company: Masheen

Q: What is your biggest professional accomplishment since receiving this award?

A: The journey from 2012 to 2021 has been life changing. I came to realize just how much time you spend away from your family as an entrepreneur of a tech start-up. In 2017 my wife and I started Masheen, a seed stage incubator and venture firm with a focus on CT start-ups. We wanted to continue to support the CT venture ecosystem and bring a sense of life/work balance to the entrepreneurs we work with. To date we have made 5 investments, and are surrounded by an amazing team whose efforts have brought our portfolio companies through successful capital raises and even a NASDAQ listing.

Most importantly, I have been able to take one of the most attractive concepts of being an entrepreneur, managing your own time, and created a business that gives my wife and I the balance between work, family life and our own time together. And most importantly we have passed these values and work flexibility to everyone in our company. Realizing these important values and living by them has been the most rewarding and greatest accomplishment since I received the 40 under 40 just under 10 years ago.